MagHolster Revolver OWB

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MagHolster is a nextgen magnetic retention holster for sport, duty and storing a handgun in a muzzle down position in your safe or on your nightstand

  • Curved design to anatomically hug your body outside the waistband (OWB)
  • Tough 3D printed rigid casing with a flat bottom
  • Single 33lb neodymium magnet holds handgun securely in place
  • Draw using a sheer force to the handgun without snaps or straps
  • A single sized holster accommodates various brands of firearms
  • Increases safety by storing handgun muzzle down on a flat surface
  • Ability to park firearms muzzle down, side-by-side reducing storage space
  • Faster response by using same device for storage and duty configuration
  • Variable Cant

This MagHolster Revolver model fits most J frame revolvers with a cylinder diameter of 35 mm (1.4 in) or less.

Patent Pending. Handgun not included.

Common fitment:

  • 38 Special Revolver
  • 357 Revolver