What is MagHolster?

MagHolster is a nextgen device for storing a handgun in a muzzle down position on your hip or on a shelf. This function is provided by a handgun-shaped rigid casing with a flat bottom, utilizing a single, neodymium bar magnet recessed into the rigid casing to actively attract and hold the slide of the handgun within the 3D printed rigid casing. The handgun can be disengaged by the user in a duty situation by applying a mild force to the handgun without the use of snaps or straps. MagHolster decreases the need for specific holsters for specific handguns by creating holsters based upon classes of handguns utilizing a configuration where a single holster will accommodate various brands of handguns, all within the same class. MagHolster increases the safety of stored handguns by storing them in a muzzle down position on a flat surface when not in use, as well as increasing the efficiency of storing handguns through the ability to park the handguns in a side by side configuration thus reducing storage space in your safe and protecting the handguns from damage.